Why We Need Documentation?

November 6, 2008 at 12:27 pm (Office Email)

In software engineering, documentation is the most important part. In fact documentation is considered one of the company assets. Wonder why it is so valuable? Well I know you’re familiar with this phase, “black and white”. In software engineering, documentation will not only serves the purpose of “don’t blame me, here’s the proof that you said this and that”; but it’s also important in the technical point of view which will determine the success of a software project.

Imagine that you want to build a house. Do you straight away go to the shop, buy everything you think you will need to build a house and start building? Of course you can, but that’s Orang Asli kind of way. According to standard, people usually get the help of architect and engineers to do the blueprint of the house, find any possible defects from it and then only they proceed to the development.

So that’s why we need proper documentation. In IT world, documentation made the programmer’s job a lot easier. The analogy is simple, whose job is tougher? The engineer or the contractor? If we have a proper document, let say if any new developer comes in, he/she can study the documents and ready to coding in no time. There’s a lot of concept in software engineering – methodology, phases blablabla I’ll continue later.

Today I’m playing another role as system analyst/software engineer. Need to prepare the software requirement specification (SRS), and after approval I’ll work on design document. I’m still learning…




Word of the day:




Kakak=elder sister

Abang=elder brother

Adik=younger brother/sister

Yesterday’s task: webcash = change = hyperlink under icon, discuss about micro merchant

Today’s task: change something on webcash + micro merchant SRS (note that SRS is different and more detail than proposal)


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