Handling Stress

November 6, 2008 at 12:26 pm (Office Email)

Selamat pagi…

Being in front of a laptop 9 to 5, go home and face the laptop again until fallen asleep, and do the same things 5 days a week, no friends, no spouse (obviously), no exercise; I can’t avoid being STRESS. And I believe most of us does, especially Suyash I guess. So the big question is how can I handle this stress thing and thus avoid the burnout syndrome?

Lucky me I own a car, and I use it extensively to release the entire stress and tension hormone inside me. There’s one thing I learned from my dad about driving; drive anywhere and don’t be afraid of getting lost because sooner or later we’ll be able to find the right way or, worst case scenario, a u-turn will do the trick.

There’s a heavy downpour yesterday. Thank God it stops after office hour so with remaining petrol in the tank, I decided to explore a new way home. At the Dengkil junction, I turned left and headed to Bangi. Wow it’s so beautiful for me, being able to savor the moment after the rain in a wide road in the middle of nowhere; priceless. The scenery there is like in the “Heart” or “Taal” movie for me.

How do you manage stress?

Checkout these useful articles:



Word of the day:




Mari belajar Bahasa Melayu.

=> Let’s learn Malay Language.

Yesterday’s task: MangkukTingkat.com proposal, visit to snow house (data centre)

Today’s task: Making some changes in webcash site + learning object-oriented PHP


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