Why We Need Documentation?

November 6, 2008 at 12:27 pm (Office Email)

In software engineering, documentation is the most important part. In fact documentation is considered one of the company assets. Wonder why it is so valuable? Well I know you’re familiar with this phase, “black and white”. In software engineering, documentation will not only serves the purpose of “don’t blame me, here’s the proof that you said this and that”; but it’s also important in the technical point of view which will determine the success of a software project.

Imagine that you want to build a house. Do you straight away go to the shop, buy everything you think you will need to build a house and start building? Of course you can, but that’s Orang Asli kind of way. According to standard, people usually get the help of architect and engineers to do the blueprint of the house, find any possible defects from it and then only they proceed to the development.

So that’s why we need proper documentation. In IT world, documentation made the programmer’s job a lot easier. The analogy is simple, whose job is tougher? The engineer or the contractor? If we have a proper document, let say if any new developer comes in, he/she can study the documents and ready to coding in no time. There’s a lot of concept in software engineering – methodology, phases blablabla I’ll continue later.

Today I’m playing another role as system analyst/software engineer. Need to prepare the software requirement specification (SRS), and after approval I’ll work on design document. I’m still learning…




Word of the day:




Kakak=elder sister

Abang=elder brother

Adik=younger brother/sister

Yesterday’s task: webcash = change = hyperlink under icon, discuss about micro merchant

Today’s task: change something on webcash + micro merchant SRS (note that SRS is different and more detail than proposal)


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Handling Stress

November 6, 2008 at 12:26 pm (Office Email)

Selamat pagi…

Being in front of a laptop 9 to 5, go home and face the laptop again until fallen asleep, and do the same things 5 days a week, no friends, no spouse (obviously), no exercise; I can’t avoid being STRESS. And I believe most of us does, especially Suyash I guess. So the big question is how can I handle this stress thing and thus avoid the burnout syndrome?

Lucky me I own a car, and I use it extensively to release the entire stress and tension hormone inside me. There’s one thing I learned from my dad about driving; drive anywhere and don’t be afraid of getting lost because sooner or later we’ll be able to find the right way or, worst case scenario, a u-turn will do the trick.

There’s a heavy downpour yesterday. Thank God it stops after office hour so with remaining petrol in the tank, I decided to explore a new way home. At the Dengkil junction, I turned left and headed to Bangi. Wow it’s so beautiful for me, being able to savor the moment after the rain in a wide road in the middle of nowhere; priceless. The scenery there is like in the “Heart” or “Taal” movie for me.

How do you manage stress?

Checkout these useful articles:



Word of the day:




Mari belajar Bahasa Melayu.

=> Let’s learn Malay Language.

Yesterday’s task: MangkukTingkat.com proposal, visit to snow house (data centre)

Today’s task: Making some changes in webcash site + learning object-oriented PHP

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November 3, 2008 at 4:11 am (Office Email)

When I was in UPM, one of my favorite subjects is e-commerce (in fact I thought it was my only favorite subject haha…). I don’t know why I’m so interested in e-commerce. Perhaps I’m excited with the technology of making money through internet. I also dream to have my own online business one day, just wondering whether I will have enough resource or courage to do it.

Anyway back to UPM, one of the topics that gathered my attention is on the trustability issue. Right until now I still remember the question asked by my lecturer, “How can we increase the user’s trust?” TRUST is a big word in e-commerce. I’ve done some research on the topics and found out that lelong.com.my had paid a great attention on this trustability issue.

I’ve done some buying in lelong.com.my and amused by how it works. It’s getting better since I first used it on 2005. What they did? As you know there are a lot of sellers in lelong, selling same products with different prices; and as a customer we can choose whichever we like. Like today I want to buy a 3G modem, I have option to choose a merchant sell it at RM300 or RM320. I choose the RM320. Why? Because he provides more information on the product, in the way that I can really trust. And as lelong has provided a section for testimonial, I can see that all his customers giving him good ratings. Now they even have the SafeTrade option to increase trust (with some fee of course, money matters).

That’s on lelong. For our online banking, they use the TAC requesting system to promote trust. I think this is a very good approach.

In a nutshell, let’s think about TRUST because in e-commerce, once we get trust, we’ll be rich.

Word of the day:

SENANG/MUDAH=easy (mudah is more referring to simplicity)

Eg: Kerja ini sangat senang.

=> This work is so easy (or suyash would put it this way: “This is easy man!”

Last Friday’s task: kayako + study on pizzahut system

Today’s task: mangkuk tingkat proposal

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