Talk About Breakfast

October 31, 2008 at 3:19 am (Office Email)

Ohayo gozaimasu minna-san!

If you noticed since Idayu left, I never go out for lunch. Usually I bring food from home, buy a breakfast somewhere and make it brunch, or simply let my stomach suffer until 6pm. Talk about breakfast, I usually buy them from stalls along my way to work every morning, if I use Sepang-Dengkil route. There’s a lot of stalls opened, you know normal nasik lemak stall, with the table and payung and everything.

But one that grabbed my attention is this one guy with his perodua kancil in front of Sepang F1. There’s no table, just him standing behind his car with the bonnet opened with full of foods in it (lately he place a big umbrella on his car to grab attention). Among all this conventional stalls, his is the one that I think get most customer and usually everything is sold out before 9am. You know why? The customers no need to get out of the car. Just open the window (or he’ll open the passenger’s side door for you) and order whatever you want. He has this constant menu packed nicely, just pick what you would like to have. Its looks like a nasik lemak version of mcdonald’s drive thru to me. What a brilliant idea this guy has. Simple, practical, and I can see that he’s holding a big pile of money in his hand every morning.

And then one thing occurs to me; why not this idea commercialized? The success of his business shows that Malaysians are getting lazier, even to get out of the car to get their breakfast. How about let them make their order and pay it online, and just pick it up the next morning? Imagine stalls with big logo of “Breakfast on the Go” everywhere in Malaysia with Webcash logo with it (kidding). I think I want to implement it one day. The problem is I don’t have the courage to do it ::sigh::….

So suyash, what do you want to learn today? I think I want to teach you numbers:












Just remember these first ok.

Yesterday’s task: kayako

Today’s task: kayako and mangkuk tingkat proposal

I’ll end this mailblog with a quote:

“If you love a bird, let it fly freely. If it comes back to you then it’s yours forever.
If not, it was never yours n will never be.”


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