Maxis Narrowband

October 30, 2008 at 2:43 am (Office Email)


Today I want to share my experience on the past few days.

Last Saturday I went to the mines shopping centre to get a handphone for my brother. When I walk past by a maxis shop a sales guy promote me to switch to maxis postpaid but I’m more interested in the wireless broadband which cost RM118 per month. He said if I’m not satisfied with the service, I can terminate within 7days so I agree to sign up.

Then when I test it back home, I’m quite disappointed because the speed is so slow…38kbps because my home area doesn’t have 3G. If I live a few kilometers away in seremban I can get the 3.6mbps speed L. Therefore I decided to return back the thing and I want to sign up with celcom instead. Celcom offers 356kbps for RM68 per month. Pay for what you get right?

The issue is last Tuesday when I went to the mines to return it, the staffs there make a @##$%@# face which rose up my temper sky high. They said I need to return it to the service centre in cheras (which of course had already closed at that time!) #$%^!!! They didn’t mention it at all before, not even stated in the terms and condition. So that’s the first time I yell in a shop. Then a girl there suggested me to go to the service centre in KLCC. And I went there, stranded in a very long queue before I can return the thing and I didn’t even get paid by cash. They’ll pay me by check within 3 months. So I used it for 3 days and get my money back within 3 months. Fair enough. I’m sick of Maxis and will never ever sign up for their internet service again. Ever.

Moral of the story is – customer service. How long does it take for us to respond to customer, are we providing enough information and the way we entertain them. That’s an issue.

So Suyash, today’s word is very practical

BALIK=go back/go home

Eg: “Suyash, balik!” kata Mior.

=> “Suyash, go home!” says Mior.

I hope suyash can reply back the meaning of it in Hindi so that we all can learn a new language.

Yesterday’s task: project proposal & SRS

Today’s task: SRS (requirements gathering)


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